Guide: Getting started with Stockfolio

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Guide: Getting started with Stockfolio

Posted on October 10, 2022

One of our main goals when creating Stockfolio was to make the app as intuitive as possible. Overall we felt we did a good job on that, but sometimes we receive e-mails from people who are having issues locating one or more specific feature(s) within the app. So we decided to put together this "Getting Started with Stockfolio" guide.

The app is split up in different sections, and a brief app overview can be found below:


Search for stocks in the top right corner.
You can enter either the stock or cryptocurrency name and/or ticker. Selecting the appropriate ticker will load the stock.

News is on the right.
We currently source news from different channels, including from real-time investment communities such as Stocktwits and Twitter.

Various chart controls (technical analysis, drawing tools, timeframes) are positioned above the chart.




Your watchlist is on the left.
It contains a list of all stocks you are tracking, with most entries receiving real-time tick data.

You can add a stock to your watchlist by clicking “Add Stock to Watchlist” after searching for a stock. It will pop up on your watchlist, on the left.



Access to the portfolio screen is on the left, (there is a button) above your watchlist. Your portfolio shows the gains generated by your open positions.

You can add transactions to your portfolio by clicking the + sign in the top right corner, below search. Adding or editing portfolios can also be done under the same menu item.

Adding new, renaming, or deleting old watchlists can be done by clicking on the dropdown above the portfolio button.

Editing your portfolio can be done by going to the history tab.

You can adjust the currency in which your gains are displayed by adjusting the currency dropdown in the top right corner, below search.

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