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Portfolio visualizes your holdings. Track current value, base cost and capital gains of your stocks and cryptocurrencies in real time.

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The most well-designed, intuitive, and elegant
option for stock quotes and portfolio management.


Multiple portfolios

Stockfolio supports multiple portfolios. Create as many as you want, and quickly switch between them to display your gains.


Local currencies

Calculate your gains in more than 150 local currencies, such as the USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, and many more!


Track your open positions

Each portfolio offers a clear overview of your current open positions and associated acquisition cost, gain and current market value.


Your gains, clearly visualized

Each portfolio within Stockfolio offers a clear overview of your current gains, in your local currency, based on the stock or cryptocurrency positions you currently hold.

Your total gains are frequently recalculated based on recent ticker data.


Historical transactions

Your historical transactions and gains are stored within each portfolio. Get a clear overview of when, how many, and at which cost you acquired certain shares or cryptocurrencies.


Transaction management

Easily manage portfolio transactions with our improved transaction manager.

We're making it easier to add multiple transactions and account for commissions and fees. Importing your existing data into the app from various existing sources (Google Finance, Yahoo, your broker, etc) is coming soon!


And so much more

Stockfolio has plenty of other features for you to explore.

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