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Nothing else from the Mac App Store beats it!

Best app I’ve ever used on my Mac
By Ahman13 - Oct 01, 2017
The user interface is beautiful as well as the charts. Functionality is smooth. Having the newsfeed pull up and automatically filter to the relevant stock is a great idea.

They get 5 stars for their customer service though. I emailed the devs with a question regarding adding the ability to directly link personal trading accounts in order to auto-update the “My Portfolio” section and one of thier lead devs responded to my inquery within 5 minutes of my email being sent.

This is the best app I’ve used on my Macbook Pro and I highly recommend it.
Very Nice App!
By DD1440 - Sep 19, 2017
I recently started trading and was looking for a user friendly app to monitor my portfolio. A little hesitant at first due to the price. However, I am glad I took the chance. It is a great app, it allows you to consolidate your stocks with cryptocurrencies and is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. To top it all off, the developers are extremely helpful and quick to respond. Glad I purcahsed this app and definitely recommend.
My Favorite Stocks App
By EricJacobsen - Sep 14, 2017
This is the most well-designed, intuitive, elegant option for stock quotes and portfolio management.
Absolutely Perfect!
By Mattyblueice - Sep 13, 2017
This an awesome app for tracking my stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and Indexes. It also allows me track prcie trends, holdings, news and more. Plus the developer is super responsive, frinedly and is always woking to improve the functionlaity!
Amazing app and team!
By Lalit Srivisarvacha - Sep 13, 2017
Great app, great developr and customer support team! Had a few issues with previous versions but they responded to my emails within minutes and kept in contact with me throughout the entire process of troubleshooting any bugs I was experiencing. It’s a really great app and it helps keep everything in one place so I can get a better snapshot of my portofio as well as giving me one platform to view all my investments. There’s truly nothing like this app and I can’t wait for them to develop a smartphone app as well!
Nothing else from the Mac App Store beats it!
By Dion Lynk - Sep 09, 2017
I use a couple of web based platforms too, but I’d like to keep everything more uniform, so my hope is that they continue to update and work on what's already a very promising set of features, so I can solely rock with this one. I’ve had to reach out to support twice over the last (two months) for bugs, and (even though there’s a 6 hour TZ difference) they always respond to my query within an hour or so. The UI is rather clean for a data and analytics based application. I haven’t found anything on the web as ‘neat’ and ‘intuitive’, and I’m sure that’s because of Apple’s meticulous curation process where you have to speak their design and function language. Stockfolio executes the ‘Apple Way’ extremely well and my 5 star rating is based on this being the a HUGE step in the right direction coupled with this being the BEST STA in the Mac App Store!
All the info I want in one place
By Kool Smokin' KCK - Sep 02, 2017
I like that they put all the infomation (news, charts, quotes) all in one place. The hate having to look at 3 different places for news, etc. Good support for multiple portfolios. Looking forward to being able to import portfolio information in an upcoming release. That would be a great feature add.
5 Star
By JjjjlKkk - Aug 30, 2017
Thumps up
Perfectly conceived and well executed
By Nu_in_CH - Aug 30, 2017
A wonderful all in one app for investors – clean design, surprisingly powerful, yet intuitive to use. I love the portfolio display and the flexible charting facility with technical overlays is great for fans of Phil Town’s Rule #1. (the 3 tools)

The developer was also responsive to my inquiries and had a rapid response time.
Great app, but needs better syncing
By dexter.sf - Aug 14, 2017
This is a great looking app, with awesome intuitive design. I am currently using it everyday to track my stocks.

However it needs some improvements. The app occasionally crashes (not too annoying, since I don’t use it all the time), and there is no way to export the portfolio. I want to use this app on 2 laptops but need to input each stock one by one.

It would be great to get the import/export portfolio feature, and also get an import from stock broker’s website function (ex. Charles Schwab)
Very nice stock app.
By BKieffer - Aug 10, 2017
This stock app works great. Easy to see activiety shows in the menu bar, and I really like that. I look forward to future development to make UI improvements.
Simple to Use App
By Donuzer - Jul 19, 2017
The app is easy to set up and provides a clean view of the stocks follwed/owned, without overkilling with data. Great for average users.
News and feeds are easily accessible based on stock viewed.
Great application! Lots of potential!
By Bo Fone - Jul 12, 2017
I like the potential of this application. The developer told me there will be a major update coming in a few weeks. The developer responded to me lightening fast about feature requests and bug reports! It already looks greater, cleaner, and simpler in terms of the UI. Looking for the upcoming update to determine whether or not it will unleash all the potential under a gorgeous UI.
Great App for my Portfolio
By Efficient Browser Mike - Jul 10, 2017
Very pleased with the App. I especially like to monitor potential investment in a consolidated list. Thanks for the excellent tool.
Good app and looking forward to the next release
By Seems to me - Jul 05, 2017
I’m updating my rating to 5-star after contact with the developer. In response to my 1st posting, the developer reached out to me and requested suggestions. I made several and some are already included in the next release. As noted in 1st posting, the app has a clean design and is easy to use. I like being able to quickly click on the app to see my portfolio without having to re-log into my investment account every time I want to check prices. With the additional features in pipeline, I’m looking forward to this being my go-to app for research and quick portfolio-status information.
Amazing Stock App
By zz1f1 - Jun 10, 2017
This is the best stock app I’ve used thus far.

It’s simple, has a beautiful UI, and provides all the basic, necessary information for me to keep up with my portfolio. Also, the developer provides incredible customer support, providing helpful responses within minutes of me sening an email.

I highly reccomend this app. It is 100% worth the price.
Great app and design and customer support
By edumorales97 - May 30, 2017
Great app, design, and customer support! I love the design and that it has the tracker on the top menu bar :D
Love the app! Would love even more to have a menu bar ticker!
By Xarkley - May 24, 2017
Great app with a better UI than anything out there.

5 Stars for responsiveness by the developer! They rock.
Two words: love it
By Elock_ - May 22, 2017
This just keeps getting better and better. Added menu bar ticker is great. Love the improved portfolio section, a lot easier to use + gives me a clean overview of the P&L on my investments. I have also found support to be quick to respond.
Easy, native-feeling app
By jenkins0099 - May 07, 2017
Update 5/7/17 - Updated to version 1.1 and really like the new portfolio view mode. Gives a very logical and easy to use way to review overall performance. Also, the issue that I was having previously was fixed in this update, after pointing it out to the dev. These guys are very helpful and the most reponsive devs I have dealt with. That alone makes this app an easy recommendation!

Original review: Came into this app with some background in finance, but the user interface and overall functionality makes this very usable for anyone. The app feels right at home on MacOS and it’s easy to get to what I need. Additionally, the developer was very quick to respond and fix a very specific (small) issue I was having with a particular ETF I track. While most developers never respond, these guys responded very quickly and were willing/able to fix the issue. Every app will have issues, but to see that type of responsiveness is great. Overall, this app is a great tool for tracking my investments, and provides a very elegant solution.
Addition of Crypto Symbol Support Made me Buy!
By Cameron E - Apr 29, 2017
Keep up the great work!
Wonderful App
By Sepehr....... - Apr 25, 2017
Please add robinhood support on the app then i would never leave this app. Everythign else is wonderful!
A needed app that Mac OS lacks
By GFlow4 - Apr 10, 2017
This has a similar look and feel to something you would find natively on the mac; ease of use, visually stunning, efficient and effective. It is a huge upgrade from the “stock app” that comes included in the notification center. The real-time stock quotes are a huge selling point (and the app price is probably the most affordable you will find for real-time quote access). Thank you!
Beautiful charting. So much potential.
By Clay Hillin - Mar 31, 2017
Absolutely love Stockfolio. The charts are beautiful and intuitive and the news/twitter aggregator is better than any other source I’ve found for last-minute, up to date information. I reached out to the dev. team about a couple of hiccups I was seeing as well as a couple of ideas for the next update. They responded within fifteen minutes to help me and make sure it got into the update. Awesome team, awesome product. Keep it up.
Stockfolio near perfect.
By Dellarrin - Mar 27, 2017
Have been looking for an app to replace the current apps that I use for my stock portfolio. None have come close except Stockfolio. And the Developer has responded to suggestion that future updates will have more features that I believe are essential to a prefect app. So I award this five stars and recommend it highly.
Great App and Great Support
By Olave21 - Mar 16, 2017
Purchased the app and its been great. No crashes no delays. Perfect for a small investor just starting out and great for anyone who’s into stocks. The developers are great at responding to feedback. Highly recommend this app.
The user interface is beautiful, developers incredibly responsive.
By Rivstein - Mar 13, 2017
I’ve tried quite a few tracking apps and this one is my favorite by far. Glad it allows filtering news by source type.
I would love to see a feature that enables importing position histories from a Google Finance csv or otherwise.
Developers are very receptive to ideas.

Update: v1.0.4 makes adding positions exponentially easier
Beautiful interface, easy to use.
By CallumPrentice - Mar 13, 2017
Great for tracking my investment portfolio. Extremely intuitive to use.
Very helpful developer!
By rsbrown43 - Sep 21, 2017
When I first launched Stockolio I have to admit that I was baffled as how to begin. I searched for a user’s manual or YouTube tutorial and couln’t find any. I then shot an e-mail to the developer asking him about a user’s manual or tutorial. He answered IMMEDIATELY telling me that there wasn’t any user’s manual or tutorial. However, he provided a good list of steps to take to begin using the app. This list was extremely helpful. As I worked through learning to use the app, I had a couple more questions, which the developer again answered immediately. I was impressed! With the developer’s help I was able to quickly learn how to use Stockfolio.

I am not an expert on the stock market by any means, but once I got the app set up it gives me all the information I need to keep frack of my portfolio and keep an eye on other stocks that interest me. This app is just what I was looking for and support from the developer was OUTSTANDING.
Excellent app for watching stocks and cryptocoins
By thrashr888 - Sep 18, 2017
This app is great. I used to use Google Stocks and this has more than replaced it’s use in letting me obsess over my portfolio. The only thing I’m missing is a combined portfolio chart but the devs are attentive and responsive so I’m sure there’s more good things to come for this app. They’ve already done better than I expected after purchasing. I had to reach out to the devs twice over some bugs and they were super responsive and I only had to wait on Apple to get the fixes through the review process.

I’d say they should raise the price because it’s so good I would have paid more for this app but I know it’s hard to trust random apps sometimes.
Great app + user friendly
By abracadabra123467 - Sep 09, 2017
This app has consistently been improving.. and I'm loving the new update! Extremely intuitive to use and very easy to set up. Contains several key features I find important: news, portfolio tracking and (extensive) tools for technical analysis. My money was well spent on this. The developers of this app are also super responsive and friendly.
1.3.2 update fixed the issue
By debugy2k - Sep 09, 2017
Previous update messed up the app but now they fixed it with ver 1.3.2 Thanks for the quick fix! Love the app.
Great Customer Service from Developer
By jtnorman13 - Sep 09, 2017
Had an issue with the app, sent the developer an email, clearily explaing the issue and within 48 hours new version on App store that corrected the problem. (oh and with a follow up email from developer letting me know) This is turning into a very handy stock tracker. Digging the new features.
Investor app
By Euge fan - Sep 09, 2017
Great app for monitoring a stock portfolio in real time. Very easy to add and edit existing portfolio.
Great platform
By Omar D. Aguirre - Sep 08, 2017
the app might have hit a few bugs but everyone is quick to write a bad review. Reminds me of that thing I was told, A teacher wrote 4 questions and answered 3 correctly and left 1 wrong on purpose the whole class started laughing and told him he made a mistake he responded with no one told me anything on how I got the other 3 right but as soon as I got one wrong everyone seemed to have something to say. Anyways hope an update fixes the minor issues is has right now and takes it back to being a great platform! Great App
By Jojkk - Sep 01, 2017
The new app made this app really great. You can do a lot now and they’ve added technical indicators. Very reliable and fast - 5 stars!
Beautiful app in the making, responsive developer
By Nation8456 - Aug 31, 2017
Update: This is a wonderful update. My previous review mostly still stands, but I love seeing the rapid development of this app.

This is a great looking that could pass as a native Mac app, it’s georgeous. There seem to be many things planned for the app in the future as per other reviews and my email exchange with the developer. It’s got a good foundation and I hope to see most of the mentioned additions in the next update. The last update seems to be from May so I wish the dev would finish one or two things at a time and push out an update so we can see the app growing and evolving instead of trying to do so much it takes months and months to release an update.

I took a chance with this app and am happy to have supported the dev if development continues.

The biggest leap right now would be connecting to brokerages (I would love to see Robinhood) but I know that may have many hurdles, so in the meantime being able to export your portfolio data so you can manually sync across devices would be awesome. Then in the future iCloud sync would also be a huge addition.
Stockfolio: Stocks, Real-Time Stock Portfolio Review
By dtbrouillette - Jul 16, 2017
I really like this app, it has everything that I want in a stock tracking app. The only thing that I would want to add is an app for the iPhone and iPad. That is why I am only giving it 4 out of 5 stars. If the developers do decide to make a version for the iPhone and iPad, I will definetly be giving them 5 stars.
Quality speaks for itself
By Piscesok - Jul 12, 2017
For a refreshing change in the way an application is designed, implemented and supported, then try this out. Very clean UI, as well as being accurate, and although this app is fairly young, it is prime for sophistication. As other reviewers will attest, the developer is very responsive to questions and suggestions. Great work and I highly recommend!
Excellent App
By ANIL - Jun 19, 2017
I made a good choice on using this app. I had some terrible apps for Stock Portfolios. This is way/far better than those apps. Would recommend this to everyone. I had few questions and the Support response was excellent.
The best stock tracker on Mac!
By Yordanov - Jun 16, 2017
Finally! I can stop using E*Trade Pro's terrible Java app to stream stock quotes in real time! This app is awesome, super light, super fast, beautiful and streams live!
Would love to see more features coming + an iOS version :)

Keep up the good work!
Great portfolio app
By Roddd1982 - Jun 13, 2017
I was used to Google Finance until I discovered this piece of jewelry. Easy and realtime tracking of my stock’s portfolio, it even has support for cryptos (Bitcoins, Litecoins) so I can have the current value of all my assets in a blink of an eye.

Keep the good work!
Excellent response time
By Oilpressure - Jun 07, 2017
Fantastic response time on suggestions!

Great looking and useful app.
Best Stock App for Mac
By mgna20 - Jun 05, 2017
This is by far the best Stock App i’ve seen. Great interface and i love that it has Cryptocurrency as well as stock. Highly recommend
By Partfishh - May 28, 2017
Works amazing and love the news feed!!!
Great easy to use UI!
By Pogo8884 - May 26, 2017
I use a few different exchanges for my trading and this was exactly what I needed! Puts all my share informationl together and updates in real time. The developers are very quick to anwser questions, which is a huge plus for me. Look forward to more updates. Thanks for a great product at a great price!
Great app
By alanhurtado821 - May 19, 2017
I love the look of it and the layout.
Excellent porfolio tracking app.
By SquaTront - May 18, 2017
You know it’s nice to know that when you purchase an app here on the Mac appstore that it’s being supported by the developer. Who would want an app that was released and has no future? Well, today I had a need to contact the developer as a feature of the app was not working. I jotted off an email to support and within minutes had a reply that a new version of the app with the fix had already been submitted to ? and was just awaiting approval. Well…during the day I would check check to see if the new version was available. During my ride home, I received an email from the developer letting me know that the new version was up on the store and as a bonus, it contained a very nice new feature showing a ticker in the menubar! Excellent customer service! Bravo to Pandaris BVBA for not only a nice app (well worth the reasonable price), but for knowing how to take care of their customers. Highly recommended.
Finally An Elegant Way To Track Crypto Portfolios
By Mosscow - Apr 30, 2017
With the 1.1 update, the developers have created a beautiful app to explore the charts, portfolio and history of BTC, LTC and ETH. The layout is intuitive and seems like a great start to a beautiful app.

The developers are very responsive and are dedicated to making this the best place to check your wealth on the Mac. Nice work!
Beautiful, Simple, and Efficient!
By PzY28 - Apr 03, 2017
This app has a very straightforward and intuitive layout that allows both beginning and experienced traders to follow the stock market. Usually, I would have Scutify or StockTwits open along with my charts, but this app makes that practice obsolete with a simple sidebar that allows all or one of the sources (News, StockTwits, Twitter) off to the side. There are features that make tracking your portfolio earnings and other statistics really simple. The development team responds really well to suggestions and bug reports, so I forsee this app becoming even more amazing than it already is.
Beautiful app with great support
By Sydia_ - Mar 29, 2017
This is a fantastic app; it’s great at displaying all the information, and I really like the integration with StockTwits. Last update there was some rendering issues that left the app semi-broken on 10.12.4 and I almost left a mediocre review, but I contacted the devs first and they were VERY fast to react, fixing the issue within 24 hours. I love it!
The app has an amazing potential.
By Nikita NY - Mar 18, 2017
The app inherts old good Apple's DNA. It’s simple, fast and very good polished.
It’s in active development so it might lack certain PRO features yet all features it has work falwless.
I'd contacted the app support ones a response came very quick.
It’s a good program with a lot of promise..
By Chugy - Mar 16, 2017
I’d like to start off by saying that the developer is amazing. I’ve been back and forth with him for several days and with feature requests and even a little criticism and his been very receptive to it all.

When I first started using the software I really didn’t like at all. Has some issues, but the latest update resolved my hesitation.

I find myself using the software daily now, and the developer and I still go back and forth with ideas to improve the app.

Thanks for the hard work. Keep it up guys!
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